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Catch 22

Looks like I’m the new Yossarian. As I mentioned in my earlier post I used to own this domain but let it lapse by mistake some time back. When that owner in turn let the registration lapse I seized the chance to buy it back.

Unfortunately what I didn’t realise is that those owners had been using the reputation I had built up to use the site for something Spammy. As a result Google decided not to list this site. I discovered froma  friend that it is possible to appeal this, which I did. And then I waited.

Obviously I did not want to spend time building up the site if it won’t be indexed so I did nothing. Today I went to check the status and guess what? Google says the three posts that exist are Spammy and that they won’t approve an empty site. I guess this is empty because, as I said, I was on hold.


But now I’m in a Catch 22 situation. If I want to keep this site (and I have an attachment to it) I need to fill it with content. But then Google could say they still don’t like it and all of that will go to waste. But if I don’t add content then Google will not approve it.


I guess I have a decision to make about whether to keep this domain or not!

A Delay

As you know I was planning to relaunch the site again. I was working on it for the pst 2 weeks. But now I’ve run into a problem.


Google thinks the site is full of random gibberish!


Yep, I never knew this either but a friend told me that people often buy existing website if they lapse (like mine did) and use it for spam. And Google can let you know!

I followed the complicated instructions my friend gave me and yep, Google tells me that the site is full of rubbish. I’ve asked them to take another look at it but until they do I don’t want to do any more work on the site itself, just in case they still don’t like it. I could – and might have to – use another domain but I’m attached to so I’m going to wait.


I don’t know how long it will take but hopefully I’ll be able to get back to releasing the site soon!

Free Colouring Pattern To Download

Here’s a free pattern for you to color!


I love good patterns, there;s something about how they can take on different characteristics or shapes depending on how you color them. I’m sure you know what I mean – you take a look at the original pattern and see one pattern, then you look again and you see different a different pattern. Then once you color it another pattern starts to appear. I guess they’re a bit of a Rorschach Test

I firmly believe they reflect your moods and personalities. But I not only love coloring them I also love putting some together. Here’s one of my latest and you can download it for free.


Free Colouring Pattern Page

A full-page coloring pattern for you to download.


I hope you enjoy it!


colored drawing

I’m back. It’s been a while but the new improved Lauries Graphics will be bigger and better than ever. In addition to new art I also plan to spend a lot of time highlighting graphics and art I find whether it’s online or offline, drawn or generated, pure or part of a product.



I also intend to give occasional related (I hope, they may occasionally veer into unexpected territory!) ideas, thoughts, and finds.


In short Lauries Graphics will once again becoem not only a place to find great art but also a place to entertain and maybe even enlighten. It’s more about Laurie than Graphics, lol.

So I hope you will stick with me as we go on this journey…

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